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Psychic Awards

The annual Psychic of the Year Awards acknowledges the outstanding among extraordinary group of people.

The new award receipients were just announced.

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Your Stars for 2021

What your star sign has in store for 2021.

Read 2021 Astrology Forecast by Kris Fontaine, QA (FAA Dip.) ~ Mistress of New Age

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About International Psychics Association

Our original organisation the Australian Psychics Association (APA), began in 1983 as a public relations organisation for psychics. It was founded by two psychics and a journalist. All three felt there was a need for an organisation that could provide accurate material for the many TV shows, radio programs, newspapers and magazines that constantly called looking for a story on this or that of a psychic nature. They couldn’t do all the stories themselves, so they thought it a grand idea to set about collecting other psychics into a group of like-minded experts. And it worked. Part of the deal, which has been true to this day, was to treat all members like a huge family. The family may have had its arguments and disputes, but ultimately, in the main, psychic members have stuck by one another. Throughout the years, the APA has been involved with many psychic-related projects.


In 2004 we began our Psychic of the Year and Hall of Fame Awards. Our idea was to spotlight those who deserved recognition for their accurate and caring nature as they went about their business of being spiritual and psychic. We also began producing the popular annual Australian Psychics Directory at that time.


We announced the creation of the IPA in 2009, and as of the 1st of July 2013 we have officially upgraded from the APA to the IPA.