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NEW ZEALAND - IPA professional members

Name Hara
Suburb Timaru 7971, South Island
Phone Number (+64) 27 239 7632
Website www.internationalpsychicsassociation.com/P/hara.php
Email hara131014@gmail.com
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Name Janet Arthur
Suburb Christchurch 8083, South Island
Phone Number (+64) 3981 6593
Website www.angelspeaknz.net
Email angelspeaknz@gmail.com
. .
Name Michelle Littlejohn
Suburb Mosgiel 9024, South Island
Phone Number (+64) 212 375 819
Website www.facebook.com/angelsofaroha
Email m.mlittlejohn@clear.net.nz
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Name Shannon Dunne
Suburb Auckland 0993, North Island
Phone Number (+64) 2 7537 7737
Email shannon123dunne@gmail.com

Professional Members of the IPA

All professional members meet the high standards set by the International Psychics Association for professional status and are held in high regard by the members of the public who have consulted them.

Certain criteria will need to be met by anyone applying for Professional Membership status. The association will advise them of this on application.

They will give you readings in a professional manner, according to the Code of Ethics as stated on our web site.


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