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Numerology Book by Rosemary Dawson Book by Rosemary

New Numerology book: Shadows is released.


    In a ground-breaking exploration of the shadow aspect of numerology, Shadows reveals how our Ruling Number can determine our emotional responses to negative situations.


    Shadows will guide you through your numerology and help you to:


  • Learn how to overcome grief and emotional abuse patterns experienced in childhood that have been carried down from generation to generation.


  • Discover how we're attracted to individuals who represent members of our family of origin and who will provide the lessons necessary to develop emotional muscles and spiritual growth.


  • Accept responsibility for personal decisions made and let go of disappointments that others chose to make different decisions.


The book is available through Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Ocean Reeve Publishing and from the Author


About The Author

A member of the International Psychics Association and a Paranormal Investigator, Rosemary Dawson has been a professional psychic medium for over thirty years.

She is the published author of four books, two books dealing with Dreams and their interpretation, Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher and Veritas which is published under the pen name of Felicity Mc Cann as well as Shadows, a Numerology book that illustrates why some individuals may not achieve the potential suggested by their Ruling Number, and also The Rogue’s Way, which is a work of fiction.


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Oracle Book By Angela Kirby Book by Angera

New Mandara oracle book: Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life and Love: Life Within Self-Expression, Our True Love, Evoking Expansion and Our Abilities for This, Our Gift to the World is released.


The Author Angela Kirby is an award-winning professional Visual Artist, Transpersonal Art Therapist and Counsellor. She has also received 2010 Psychic of the Year (SA) from The Australian Psychics Association.



Here it is, from me to you, my book is available now after quite a journey and much help from several people who have been very, very kind, generous and patient with me. I feel very blessed. This is my life’s work that I now offer in service to you.

It is available through,, Balboa Press (A Division of Hay House) and Booktopia as a Book and E-Book (But you can’t download the mandalas if you purchase the E-Book), Barnes & Noble and on my website

I take you firstly through aspects of my own personal journey as it sets the stage for the work I go onto offer you. That being a healing journey of processes and tools to assist you on your life path.

I then am sharing with you the 54 mandalas that I have channelled & drawn over the past 12 years that work as an oracle, a divination tool. These can be used as a daily or weekly guide, or however, you choose to use them in your sacred way.

I have also included 20 small mandalas in black and white that you can fill with colours utilising them also as a healing tool.

I have included some of my poetry and then suggestions of other authors that have helped me on my life path. Enjoy…and please leave a comment in Amazon of how you found your experience in diving into the world of health and well-being. Enjoy.


Blessings & Grace



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