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To unite and promote psychics, clarify professional conduct by providing a means of accreditation and share an ethical approach to psychic experiences.


Code of EthicsCode of Ethics

All Professional Member of the International Psychics Association are expected to honour their profession in the following manner:


1. Members should give psychic advice as responsibly and accurately as possible.


2. Advice should be without judgement, in the best interests of the client and not imply 100% accuracy.


3. Readings may make reference to legal and medical issues but are not to give legal or medical advice.


4. Members are to charge reasonable consultation fees for their psychic work.


5. Members will respect the privacy of their clients and offer a confidential service.


6. Members will respect the free will of all individuals and will not offer to influence another against their will, such as promising to bring a person to love them.


7. Members will not promote nor offer to remove curses nor the effects of other maleficent magic.


8. Psychic services should only be given to persons eighteen years or over unless permission is given by a parent or guardian.


Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions

All Professional Members of the International Psychics Association (IPA) are required to sign their agreement to the following terms and conditions:


1. The primary membership benefit is accreditation as a professional psychic.


2. All new applicant and renewal forms must be signed to the effect that the Terms & Conditions are agreed upon.


3. At all times members must abide by the Code of Ethics in their consultations.


4. Full membership is given only after all four required (original) statutory declaration forms are received. Until that time the applicant will be regarded as a Provisional member.


5. IPA logos and endorsements can only be used on business cards, web sites, etc. while professional members hold current financial membership. Provisional members cannot use IPA logos and endorsements until they become full financial members.


6. If membership expires and is not renewed within three months, a new application will be required.


7. Members will always be supportive of all fellow members and directors of the IPA, and any public denigration, including on social media, will be considered a breach of these Terms & Conditions.


8. All documents (application forms, certificates, nomination forms, etc.) must be written on official IPA stationery. Creation of additional forms on IPA letterhead or altering IPA documents and certificates is prohibited and will be treated as fraud.


9. Failure to comply with the IPA Terms & Conditions or Code of Ethics may result in membership cancellation where there will be no refund of any fees paid, except a refund where a new applicant is not formally accepted.



Company International Psychics Association Pty Ltd.
Co-founders Simon Turnbull and Hiromi Mitsuya
Established July 2013
Origin Australian Psychics Association (1983 - )
Address PO Box 5645, South Windsor NSW 2756, Australia
Phone +61 2 9368 1177