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Benefits of Joining the IPA

Becoming an accredited member of the International Psychics Association shows the public that you are a professional psychic. It reassures the public that you will give your readings in a professional manner, according to the Code of Ethics as stated on our web site.

When psychics first join the association, and pay their membership dues, they become provisional members. They are then sent four statutory declaration forms to have filled out and signed in front of a Justice of the Peace.

One form is to be filled out by the psychic to the effect that they are who they claim to be, that is, an accurate psychic who conducts themselves in a professional manner. The other three are for three clients who will state that their readings with said psychic have been accurate.

Once we receive the declaration forms the psychic then becomes a full professional member , and will receive a certificate to frame and put up in their place of business, advising their clients that they are an accredited member.

At that point they can be listed on our database and on our web site as a professional psychic. We do not charge a member for giving out their contact details to interested parties who frequently call looking for a good psychic in their area.

We also do not charge for the web space that we give each member to promote their services on the association web site. It is all covered by the membership fee.

We give out member’s contact details to the media upon request, thereby helping those that desire it an opportunity to gain valuable publicity.


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Our original organisation the Australian Psychics Association (APA), began in 1983 as a public relations organisation for psychics.


In 2004 we began our Psychic of the Year and Hall of Fame awards. Our idea was to spotlight those who deserved recognition for their accurate and caring nature as they went about their business of being spiritual and psychic. We also began producing the popular annual Australian Psychics Directory at that time.


We announced the creation of the IPA in 2009, and as of the 1st of July 2013 we have officially upgraded from the APA to the IPA.

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Types of Membership

There are two types of membership:


Associate Members are those who may be students in psychic development classes around the country, and may at some time in the future upgrade to professional status. There are also those with an interest in psychic matters, but may not necessarily want to become professional psychics.

  >> Associate Membership is not currently open.


Professional Members are those who work full or part-time as psychics.

  >> Professional Membership Subscription: A$100 for 1 year.


» Please click here if you would like to pay online.

Applying a Professional Membership

Please use online form if you are applying as a professional member of the International Psychics Association.


[STEP 1] You apply by filling in the online form.


[STEP 2] Then you will be navigated to a new page. Please download PDF forms as instructed in the email. This contains;


  • [STEP 3] Please pay membership online. You can also send a cheque or money order to us.



  • Once we receive all 4 sets of stats decs and signed Member's Agreement (Terms & Conditions), we will send you a professional membership certificate. We will also include your name & contact number in our database for recommendation for public + website (unless you prefer not to)

  • ***

» Online Applicaton Form

» How to apply from Australia

» How to apply from Outside of Australia


LINKS (including PDF forms)

Membership Subscription (Professional) Please click here to pay online.
Online Application (Professional Membership) Please click here to apply online to receive 'welcome kit' by email.
IPA New Membership & Renewal Form (Professional) -Australia Please click here to download the PDF form. Please print, sign and send to us.
IPA New Membership & Renewal Form (Professional) -International Please click here to download the PDF form. Please print, sign and send to us.
Commonwealth statutory declaration forms Please click here to download the PDF form. Please print 4 sets. (If you have a problem downloading the page, please click here.)
Terms & Conditions (Professional Membership) Please click here to download the PDF. Please print, sign and send to us.
Benefits of Joining the IPA & Code of Ethics Please click here to download the PDF.
IPA Phone Number & Email Ph: +61 2 9368 1177 

Email: IPA-psychicsassociation@outlook.com