2014 Psychic of the Year Awards

Award Presentation held in August 2014.

2014 Psychic of the Year Awards

2014 Psychic of the Year Awards were presented to 13 psychics at the IPA 1st Anniversary Celebration evening on Sat 23rd August in Sydney.

4 different psychic awards went to following psychics.


2014 PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (AUSTRALIA) : 3 recipients

   Heather Grace

   Narelle Scurr

   Suzy Cherub


2014 PSYCHIC HALL OF FAME AWARD : 3 recipients (Australia)

In recognition of more than 30 years working in the psychic field.

   Francis Bevan

   Julie Jara

   Sandor Takacs


2014 PSYCHIC AMBASSADOR AWARD : 3 recipients

The IPA special award went to 3 recipients who contributed to their industry internationally.

   Harry T (Australia/USA)

   Michelle Whitedove (USA)

   Brett Vollus (Australia)


2014 PSYCHIC PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD : 2 recipients (Australia)

This is different from the Psychic of the Year Award, this is a brand new award, a collaboration of the International Psychics Association and the International Psychics Directory - Australian Edition.

   Suzie Price

   Florence King


Congratulations to all the recipients.





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